High-quality and accurate food digital thermometer WT-1

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Pen style, 125MM stainless steel sensing tips, direct measuring, portable, wide measuring range;

Suitable for refrigerant, heating and food processing etc.

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    There are many types of electronic thermometers developed and produced by our company, mainly including: thermometers for measuring refrigeration areas such as cold storage, cold storage rooms, and freezing rooms; thermometers for aquariums and pet animals; thermometers for measuring the environmental temperature of vegetable cultivation, flower and grass breeding, etc. Thermometer products for measuring indoor temperature and humidity; kitchen thermometers for measuring food temperature, etc. The product performance is stable and reliable, the measurement range is wide, and the accuracy is high.

    Features and functions

    Temperature measurement range: -50 ℃∽ +300℃ (-58℉∽+572℉)
    Resolution: ℃
    Accuracy (-20℃~80℃) ±1℃

    Temperature measurement memory function
    Temperature measurement and low voltage display function
    Power saving function: If there is no operation within 15 minutes, it will automatically shut down
    Sensor failure display
    Fahrenheit and Celsius display function conversion
    Operating instructions
    [ON/0FF]: Press this key to turn on or off. It will display the last measured temperature for 1.5 seconds after turning on the machine, and then enter the measurement mode. If there is no operation, it will automatically shut down after 15 minutes .
    [℃ /℉]: Press this key in the temperature measurement mode to realize the conversion between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
    Temperature measurement and low voltage display: If the voltage is lower than 1.3V, the LCD will display - "low voltage".
    When the sensor is open or below the measurement range, it will display E00, when the sensor is short-circuited or the actual temperature is high and the measurement E11 will be displayed when it is in the range.

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