Refrigeration halogen leak detector WJL-6000

Short Description:

Detects all kinds of halogen refrigerant gas;

Sensitivity adjusted at any time and it can be adjusted automatically to the best state of detecting;

Inner precise IC with Ultra-Low power consume circuit design,more stable,longer battery time;

Double-color visual display of battery voltage;

Excellent sensor, high sensitivity,longer use time.

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    The electronic halogen leak detector is a practical product developed and produced by our company using the latest leak detection technology. The machine is easy to operate, stable and reliable in performance, and exquisite in shape. It is an ideal economical halogen leak detection equipment. The functional feature of this product is that it can detect all halogen-containing refrigerants;
    Adjust the sensitivity at any time, and the instrument can automatically adjust to the best detection state; Built-in high-precision voltage regulator IC, and adopts ultra-low power consumption design, so that the work is more stable and the battery is more durable;
    Two-color indication of battery voltage;
    Using high-quality sensors, high working sensitivity, longer life


    Product size: 229*65*65mm
    Fixed probe length:200mm

    Technical Parameters

    Work temperature:0℃-52℃
    Maximum sensitivity:refrigeration agent of halogen,6gr/yr
    Battery life:Approximately 50 hours normal use
    Response time:instantaneous
    Way:unrestricted exploration par 1 degrees:20cm
    Reset time:two to ten seconds
    Power supply:6V DC four cell 7# excellent batteries


    Detect leaks in other systems and storage/recovery containers.It will respond to
    all halogenated (contains Chlorine of Fluorine) refrigerants.
    This includes,but is not limited to:CFCs e.g.R12,R11,R500,R503 etc...
    HCFCs e.g.R22,R123,R124,R502 etc...
    HFCs e.g.R134a,R404s,R125 etc...
    Blends such asAZ-50.HP62.MP39 etc...
    Detect Ethylene Oxide gas leaks in hospital sterilizing equipment
    (it will detect the halogenated carrier gas)
    Detect SF-6 in high voltage circuit breakers
    Detect most gases that contain chlorine,fluorine and bromine
    (halogen gases)
    Detect cleaning agents used in dry cleaning applications such as per chloroethylene
    Detect halogen gases in fire-extinguishing system

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