Factory supply breeding digital thermometer ST-2

Short Description:

In/out door temperature measuring;

Clock function display;

Ultra slim shell design.

  • Service offered: Customized LOGO, labeling, customized packaging boxes, customized products, etc. according to customer requirements
  • Shipment: sea, air, express, door to door transportation services.
  • Fast delivery: 7-10 days to stock up. 10-20 days out of stock.
  • MOQ: 100pcs
  • Samples: samples can be provided and sent out in about 7 days.
  • OEM/0DM Services: Accepted
  • Payment terms: 30% deposit, 70% final payment to delivery
  • Payment methods: bank payment, paypal payment, Western Union and other payment methods, you can also pay RMB
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    There are many types of electronic thermometers developed and produced by our company, mainly including: thermometers for measuring refrigeration areas such as cold storage, cold storage rooms, and freezing rooms; thermometers for aquariums and pet animals; thermometers for measuring the environmental temperature of vegetable cultivation, flower and grass breeding, etc. Thermometer products for measuring indoor temperature and humidity; kitchen thermometers for measuring food temperature, etc. The product performance is stable and reliable, the measurement range is wide, and the accuracy is high.

    Features and functions

    In/out door temperature measuring;
    Clock function display;
    Ultra slim shell design.

    Features: dual-channel temperature measurement inside and outside, with clock display function, ultra-thin shell
    Technical data:
    ◆ Temperature measurement range: -50℃∽+70℃;
    ◆ Resolution: >-20℃ is 0.1℃, ≤-20℃ is 1.0℃
    ◆ Power source: 1.5V button battery (LR44)
    ◆ Accuracy: ±1℃
    ◆ Overall size: 56.5×37.8×11.3mm
    ◆ Display size: 46.7×21.2mm

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