Intelligent voice electric control box SHP-5060

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Product Features
Refrigeration, defrosting, dual sensors, control switch, temperature correction, current display

  • Service offered: Customized LOGO, labeling, customized packaging boxes, customized products, etc. according to customer requirements
  • Shipment: sea, air, express, door to door transportation services.
  • Fast delivery: 7-10 days to stock up. 10-20 days out of stock.
  • MOQ: 100pcs
  • Samples: samples can be provided and sent out in about 7 days.
  • OEM/0DM Services: Accepted
  • Payment terms: 30% deposit, 70% final payment to delivery
  • Payment methods: bank payment, paypal payment, Western Union and other payment methods, you can also pay RMB
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    Our company specializes in research and development, production, refrigeration control boxes, parallel unit control boxes, cold storage PLC control cabinets and other eight series of more than 200 kinds of products; these products are mainly used in large, medium and small cold storage, seafood machines, breeding and planting bases and other occasions. Our company attaches great importance to product development, and constantly adopts new materials, new technologies and new processes, so that the upgrading of products has always been at the forefront of the domestic refrigeration industry. The electric control boxes and PLC control cabinets we produce can be customized according to customer requirements.


    This product is an upgraded version of JDX-5060, temperature setting upper and lower limit control; has multiple protection functions, including overload protection, phase loss protection, wrong phase protection, three-phase unbalance protection, etc. dual display can intuitively view the current temperature and settings Constant temperature; cable trough and independent zero line row make the control box more beautiful. It is a product specially designed for refrigeration units.

    Technical Parameters

    Power supply: 380V / 50HZ
    Measuring range: -50 ℃ -50 ℃
    Measurement and control accuracy: ± 1 ℃
    Compressor power: 5P, 10P, 15P, 20P, 25P, 30P
    Defrosting power: 5P, 10P, 15P, 20P, 25P, 30P
    Dimensions: 300 wide * 400 high * 150 deep

    Product selling points

    Delay start
    Temperature correction
    Current display
    Factory direct sales
    Complete certificate
    Can be invoiced
    Complete enterprise qualifications
    Large-scale enterprise quality assurance

    JDX-5060_01JDX-5060_03 JDX-5060_04 JDX-5060_05 JDX-5060_06 JDX-5060_07 JDX-5060_09 JDX-5060_10 JDX-5060_11 JDX-5060_12

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