Manufacturer custom aquarium digital thermometer DS-1

Short Description:

Overall size: 46.5mm x 27.5mmx 29.5mm

Waterproof design, can be completely immersed in water. The quality is reliable, the suction cup can be firmly absorbed in the inner wall of the aquarium, and the built-in sensor is beautiful and generous.

Temperature measurement range: -50~70

Resolution (>-20 ); (other)

Accuracy: ±℃

Power supply: 1 PCS DC1.5V (LR44/AG13)

Input method: 1 NTC

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    There are many types of electronic thermometers developed and produced by our company, mainly including: thermometers for measuring refrigeration areas such as cold storage, cold storage rooms, and freezing rooms; thermometers for aquariums and pet animals; thermometers for measuring the environmental temperature of vegetable cultivation, flower and grass breeding, etc. Thermometer products for measuring indoor temperature and humidity; kitchen thermometers for measuring food temperature, etc. The product performance is stable and reliable, the measurement range is wide, and the accuracy is high.

    Instructions for use

    1, Unscrew the battery cover, put in a LR44 button battery, pay attention not to reverse the polarity. It is displayed after power-on.
    2. Tighten the battery cover, pay attention to the sealing ring should be placed correctly and not be damaged.
    3. Please remove the battery if not used for a long time

    Box gauge: 47.5*42*38cm
    Quantity: 250
    Weight: 9.8kg

    Standard sizes

    The appearance of the machine is luxurious and noble, small and exquisite. Especially suitable for temperature measurement of refrigeration electrical products such as refrigerators, air conditioners, cold storages, etc., and can also be used
    It is used for temperature measurement and time display in many occasions such as home, office, automobile, etc. It has a wide range of applications, simple and convenient operation, intuitive and clear display, and has the following characteristics:
    ● Dual temperature measuring probes can detect two temperatures at the same time. ● Equipped with clock display.
    ● Temperature conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit. ●High precision and intuitive display.
    ● Time display range: 1:00-12:59
    ● Temperature range: -50°C (-58°F) ~ +70°C (158°F)
    ● Accuracy: ±1℃
    ● Resolution:> -20℃ is 0.1℃ ≤-20℃ is 1.0℃
    ● Open the battery cover of the machine body, and insert 1 section of 7# battery, not reversed.
    F S W is a function switch key. When the indoor temperature is displayed, "IN" is displayed at the same time, and when the outdoor temperature is displayed, "OUT" is displayed at the same time.
    ● When powering on, the LCD will display the full display for 2 seconds, and then display the current indoor temperature. Within 2 seconds of the LCD display, the function key
    Does not switch state.
    ● If you press and hold the FSW function key for more than 4 seconds, it will shut down. But the CLOCK time continues to count.
    ● During the measurement, if the temperature is greater than or equal to 70°C (158°F), the LCD will display H°C (°F) in the first decimal place; if the temperature is less than -50°C (-58°F),
    The LCD displays L℃(°F) in the first decimal place.
    ● If the battery is low, the LCD will flash at a speed of 1HZ. At this time, the measurement is not allowed and the battery should be replaced.
    ● (℃/°F) is the Celsius/Fahrenheit switch, which can be selected according to the label.
    ● Time setting:
    ①First press the FSW key to switch the LCD to time display.
    ②Hour setting (HR key): Press once to increase 1 hour, and continue counting from 1 if it exceeds 12.
    ③Minute setting (MIN key): Press once to increase 1 minute, if it exceeds 59, it will continue counting from 00.
    ●A is a built-in sensor probe, which can measure the temperature around the body (indoor).
    ●B is the sensor probe outside the machine. Place this probe at the place where the temperature is to be measured, and the temperature value can be displayed on the LCD.

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