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Main Specifications:

Temperature measurement range: 0-99℃

Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.1℃

Humidity measurement range: 0—99%RH

Humidity accuracy: ±3%RH

Number of signal outputs: 7, (over temperature, temperature control, insufficient temperature, egg left, egg right, humidity control, alarm)

Maximum output load current: temperature control, under temperature ≤ 8A/AC220V, over temperature, egg turn left, egg turn right, humidity control, alarm ≤ 1A/AC22

Number of egg turnings: the highest record is 999 times.

Egg turning cycle: 0-999 minutes adjustment (factory default 90 minutes)

Egg turning time: 0-999 seconds adjustable (factory default 180 seconds)

Ventilation cycle: from 0 to 999 minutes

(factory default is 120 minutes)

Ventilation time: from 0 to 999 seconds (factory default is 30 seconds)

Temperature measurement length: about 2 meters


Working conditions:

Working voltage: AC 160V – 240V, 50HZ

Relative humidity: less than 85%RH

Ambient temperature: -10℃ – 60℃


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