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Main features

Switch between hot and cold modes; by controlling the temperature

Set the temperature set point and difference;

Temperature calibration; refrigeration control output delay protection; alarm when temperature exceeds, temperature limit or sensor error.

Ability to control temperature and humidity at the same time.

Ability to connect a humidifier and dehumidifier at the same time.

Ability to connect cooling/heating and humidification/dehumidification equipment at the same time.

The heating/cooling function can be individually set to chill and heat to protect the temperature controller from drastic changes. Same as humidity control. Support temperature and humidity calibration

Ability to display measured temperature/humidity and simultaneously set temperature/humidity




Input voltage: AC110~220V±10%, DC24V, DC12V

Measuring temperature range: -20 ~ +80°C

Measuring humidity range: 00%RH~+100%RH

Accuracy: ±1, 0.1%RH

Relay output contact capacity: 10A/240VAC

Sensor length: 1m

Machine Dimensions: 75 x 34.5 x 85 mm

Mounting opening: 71 x 29 mm


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