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Main features:

ABS flame retardant plastic shell, safer to use.

Microcomputer intelligent digital temperature controller, dual display and dual temperature.

Adopt dual NTC Sensor, easy to use, the cable length is 1 meter.

The large and clear digital display shows the measured temperature with high temperature measurement accuracy.

It is suitable for automatic switching of refrigeration and heating equipment such as seafood machines and cooling water machines.



Optional voltage: 12V/24V/110V – 220VAC

Temperature control range: 110℃

Machine power consumption: less than 3W

Temperature measurement accuracy: ±1℃ (-50℃~70℃)

Resolution: 0.1℃

Sensor: NTC Sensor (line length 1 meter)

Ambient temperature: 0~60°C

Relative humidity: 20%~85% (non-condensing)

Machine Dimensions: 75 x 34.5 x 85 mm

Mounting opening: 71 x 29 mm


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