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The main function:

Refrigeration, defrost, fan control mode;

The user menu and the administrator menu are set separately, which is convenient for operation and provides enough space for the adjustment of high-level management;

Hysteresis control temperature; switch between °C and °F; temperature display resolution is 0.1;

A variety of protection and alarm methods are optional;



Product size: 75*34.5*85mm

Installation size: 71*29mm

Temperature measurement range: -45.5℃~120℃

Temperature control range: -45.5℃~110℃

Power supply: 220VAC±10%

Compressor relay capacity: 8A/220VAC

Fan and defrost relay capacity: 8A/220VAC

Digital display: three-digit LED+minus sign+status indicator (settings; cooling; defrosting; fan)


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