What should be checked before starting the refrigeration compressor

Check the following items before starting the refrigeration compressor:


(1) Whether the exhaust stop valve of the compressor is opened, and whether all other valves in the system are in open state except those connected with the atmosphere.


(2) Open the cooling water valve of the condenser and start the water pump. If it is air-cooled condenser, the fan should be turned on, and the water pump and fan should be checked whether they work normally.


(3) check whether the oil level of the compressor crankcase is in a normal position. It should generally be kept on the center line of the oil level indicator. If there are two oil mirrors, they should be within the center line of the two oil mirrors.


(4) If the electrical and control circuit is overhauled after the test run in the previous stage, the electrical and control circuit should be tested again to see if it is normal. And the refrigeration compressor is moved to observe whether the rotation direction of the compressor is correct.


(5) If the evaporator is the secondary refrigerant of cooling liquid, the secondary refrigerant system should be started.

Post time: May-26-2022