Tonggu County in Jiangxi province has done a good job in the construction of refrigeration and preservation facilities for central agricultural products

The Agriculture and Rural Bureau of Tonggu County and the county Finance Bureau jointly carried out the county-level review of the application project for the construction of refrigeration and preservation facilities for producing areas of agricultural products in the county. To provide good service to the people, improve the service level, promote the in-depth implementation of the “three efforts and three promotion” activities, help the construction of the “five type” government, comprehensively promote the construction of refrigeration and preservation facilities for producing areas of agricultural products in the county, promote the refrigeration and preservation capacity of producing areas, commercial processing capacity and service driving capacity to significantly improve, We will speed up the implementation of the “Internet Plus” program for agricultural products moving out of villages and into cities, better connect the production and marketing of agricultural products, and effectively connect small farmers with the big market, so as to better meet the needs of urban and rural residents, and provide strong support for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, accelerating agricultural and rural modernization, and continuously increasing farmers’ incomes.


Tonggu for the implementation of the party central committee and the State Council and the provincial party committee, the provincial government to accelerate, strengthen the construction of the agricultural products storage and preservation cold-chain logistics facilities deployment requirements, according to the municipal bureau of agriculture and rural areas, the city finance bureau jointly issued the task, tonggu county bureau of agriculture and rural areas province bureau of finance, develop agricultural products issued by the tonggu origin refrigerated preservation facilities construction and implementation plan. We will encourage and support demonstration family farms and farmers’ cooperatives at and above the county level and registered rural collective economic organizations throughout the county to actively develop their own construction projects, such as “ventilated storages, mechanical cold storages, air-controlled storage storages, pre-cooling and supporting facilities and equipment”, by offering awards instead of subsidies. Nine proposed projects applied through the “New Agriculture Direct Report” system of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in the early stage were inspected on site and comprehensively reviewed and confirmed against the proposed construction content.


As of May 10, through independent application, township recommendation, received a total of 9 proposed projects, a total design capacity of 2,960 tons, planned to invest 3.08 million yuan of construction funds, budget awards and subsidies of 920,000 yuan.


Post time: May-26-2022