JDC – 5060 thermostat operating instructions

JDC – 5060 thermostat operating instructions



1,The basic function and characteristics:

Chinese panel, double temperature display temperature controller, at the same time show the current cold storage temperature and set temperature downtime.with compressor start up delay protection function, the temperature sensor fault ratio can be made according to the set of key time after operation, with

Temperature correction, multiple alarm function, the frost of heat (electric heating, heat) and frost boot mode (time interval, compressor tired

Meter can choose working time), three kinds of air blower operation mode (continuous operation, with compressor with rev. Stop, delay), the same

Frost water when it is over, hand cream, cream view functions, can be directly through the button to view and set the parameters.

2The main technical parameters

Resolution: 0.1 Accuracy: + / – 1 ℃

Measurement and control temperature range: – 50 ℃ to 50 ℃

The power supply voltage: 220 vac plus or minus 10% 50 hz / 60 hz Refrigeration, frost relay capacity: 3 a / 250 v

Sensor types: NTC

working environment temperature 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃;

Work environment relative humidity: no more than 80% (condensation)



3Key functions:

1,Running state, press “▲”, can eliminate alarm sound, setting state, press “▲” parameter value increase, press 3,Seconds or more parameter values increase quickly.

2,Running state, press “▼” key, view the frost temperature sensor.Set state, press “▼” key parameter values,Small, according to the above 3 seconds parameter values decrease quickly.

3,Running state, press “set/view” button for 3 seconds to enter to check the status, press 5 seconds to enter user Settings.In the view,Or set state, press the key, can view or set each parameter, click more than 3 seconds, to return to running state (from setting state Return automatically save change parameter values).

4,Running state, the frost time and frost cycle Settings are not to 0;In the condition of the frost, frost temperature sensor Below the frost stop temperature set, press “forced frost” more than 5 seconds to enter a state of frost, frost indicator.

When frost frost “mandatory” button more than 5 seconds, withdrew from the state of frost, the frost light out (if flashing It is said to enter the frost water state).

5, Running state, the frost, refrigeration, frost water cycle, when the base temperature is higher than the temperature but below boot downtime,Press “forced cooling” key for more than 5 seconds into the forced cooling, compressor set time delay is not

running out of time delay time,Refrigeration lights flashing, compressor compressor delay time delay to set, refrigeration indicator.Refrigeration in the”Forced cooling” button more than 5 seconds, withdrew from the state of forced cooling, refrigeration lights out ( (if flashing It is said to enter the compressor start a state of latency).

6,Running state, the frost when press “over frost”, “display temperature” window show the frost time remaining, after 5  seconds it is move out automaticlly.

4The menu function description:

1, the user menu

Function name Parameter


factory settings


turn-on temperature

shutdown temperature~


10.0℃ When reached the set value compressor start




-10.0℃ When reached the set value compressor


Compressor delay


3min Compressor to restart the time interval after stop
Frost period


6hour The time interval between two times of frost
Frost time


30min The duration of a single frost

Frost stop temperature


10.0℃ frost stop sensor temperature is higher than the parameters

2,system menu



Parameter range default setting
F1 temperature correction


F2 out of limit alarming 0~50.0℃(0 Cancel the alarm) 0.0℃
F3 Frost heat source type 0:Electric heating up cream1:Hot Gas Defrosting


F4 Frost cycle counting method 0:The cumulative time controller 1:Press the

accumulative time


F5 Frost water time

0~120 min

3 min
F6 Back mode



F7 Temperature overrun alarm delay

0~120 min

30 min
F8 Temperature overrun alarm time

delay for the first time

0~120 hour

2 hour

The user menu to view:

Running state, press the “set/view” key for 3 seconds to “boot” temperature indicator, each according to the “set/view” Parameter under a key, can enter (display), the parameters of the corresponding indicator.Under the parameter check status, press

“Set/view” button for 3 seconds or more within 10 seconds or no button operation, return to the running state.

The user menu Settings:

Running state, press the “SET/view” key for more than 5 seconds, “show temperature” window “SET”, come Into the user menu Settings, “boot temperature indicator,” after each press “set/view”, to the next item to participate

Several Settings (recycled) operation, the parameters of the corresponding indicator.After entering the user menu,  press the “▲” or “▼” key Change the temperature downtime window to set parameters.


System menu Settings:

Running condition, at the same time hold down the “set/view” and “▼” button more than 5 seconds to “show temperature” display window “F1″,  suggests that enter the system Settings menu, press and loosening after each “set/view” button once,  then come Into the next item on the parameter Settings (recycled operation F1 ~ F8).After entering the system menu, press the “▲” or “▼” key can be modified “Stop temperature display window to set parameters.

Indicator light show




Always bright

Refrigeration lights

Compressor stop

Compressor delay

Compressor work

The frost light

Frost stop

Frost drop

Frost work

6Control operating instructions:

1,Compressor control

(1) the start condition (meet at the same time)

A) compressor delay more than set press delay time.

B) the frost, and the frost water state library temperature greater than or equal to the set temperature or forced cooling or boot When frost of thermal gasification.

(2) closed condition (meet any conditions) :

A When temperature less than or equal to set down the temperature B At the beginning of the electric heating up cream    C)    At the end of the heat gasification frost D) At the end of the forced cooling

2frost control:

(1) the start condition (meet) at the same time:

A) frost period and frost time set to 0. B) frost temperature sensor temperature less than set by frost to stop. C) frost period of time, or forced frost.

(2) closed condition (meet any conditions) :

A) frost time is set to 0 B) the frost period is set to 0 C) frost at the end of the run time

D) frost temperature higher than frost stop temperature E) frost when press “forced frost” end of frost.


In running state, when a sensor fault, sensor temperature range or sensor temperature overrun, bee Sound is ringing, press and release “bring” button, can eliminate the buzzer alarm sound.

4alarm code menu:




5the wiring diagram:






Safety matters:

Should match the voltage of the power supply voltage and the labeling machine.

Should strictly distinguish between the power cord, the output relays, sensors, three interfaces, not wrong!Shall not exceed contact load capacity.

Wiring operation must be carried out under the condition of the completely disconnect the power supply and shall ensure that wire and terminal pressure welding is good.

Banned in high temperature, high humidity, strong electromagnetic interference, strong corrosive environments. To avoid possible interference, it is recommended that the sensor lead keep proper distance with the power cord.

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alarm code  




Short circuit or open circuit temperature sensor, refrigeration proportion according to the set time (run 15

minutes, 30 minutes stop), alarm output



Short circuit or open circuit, frost temperature sensor set according to the frost of frost running cycle and frost time, alarm output


Library temperature beyond the measuring range, set according to the proportion of time refrigeration (run 15

minutes, stop 30 minutes), alarm output



Frost temperature beyond the measuring range, set according to the frost of frost running cycle and frost time, alarm output

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