“Excellent control”-Jiangsu Sanhe strives to build another strong brand

“Excellent control”-Jiangsu Sanhe strives to build another strong brand

In 2004, Sanhe Automatic Control Equipment Co., Ltd. was formally established.

From scratch, from 0 to 1, Sanhe has continued to show vigorous growth since its birth.


Over the past 17 years, taking advantage of the continuous leaping development momentum of the Chinese industrial market, Sanhe Automation has steadily grown and become the leading company in the Chinese automatic controller industry.

In the automatic control equipment industry, Sanhe has a pivotal influence. The company’s product family includes more than 200 products in eight series, including microcomputer temperature controllers, humidity controllers, integrated motor protectors, refrigeration control boxes, parallel unit control boxes, and cold storage PLC control cabinets.

Since its establishment, the company has cumulatively delivered more than 15 million units/sets of products to the domestic and foreign markets.

Relying on the professional capabilities that Sanhe has accumulated in the entire field of R&D, production and sales over the years, Sanhe enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad. Relying on strong and extensive industry-wide application capabilities, Sanhe’s controller products have fully covered domestic and foreign refrigerated storage tea, refrigerated transportation industry, aquarium climbing pet industry, cold chain storage and transportation industry, and smart home (catering) industry. Sanhe is providing high-quality, safe and stable temperature control services to the society at all times.


Nowadays, market competition has quietly changed. Consumers’ sales model has changed from “product consumption” to “brand consumption”. Brands play a key role in consumption. Jiangsu Sanhe will launch the “Dinghao Control” brand in due course to achieve The shift of consumers to brand preferences.

The birth of the Dinghaokong brand indicates that Jiangsu Sanhe will carry out strategic measures in the six aspects of innovation, focus, seizure, service, and experience. The clarion call has been sounded.

Dinghao control brand products are positioned as temperature controllers, which is to play a professional and dedicated banner and make greater contributions in the field of temperature control. The brand is defined as a technical service expert, who is to be a caring service provider for supporting enterprises. More precise services to supporting enterprises.

Good product, good service” In line with this concept, the series of products with good control will emerge in the market one after another, and a professional and professional sales team will also be active in the market.


Dong Yuechuan, general manager of the company, said that the top control brand expresses Jiangsu Sanhe’s commitment to consumers, and helps establish a closer relationship between enterprises and consumers through the self-proposition of emotional interests and self-expression of interests.


He emphasized that to truly become a brand-name strong company, it is necessary to increase the degree of brand cultivation and build a well-known brand by enhancing the brand’s gold content and influence. It is the core factor to promote the rapid development of Jiangsu Sanhe.

We look forward to the better market performance of the Dinghao control brand, and wish Jiangsu Sanhe to achieve another leap.


Post time: Sep-06-2021