Cold storage refrigeration and humidity controller parts JSD-100+

Short Description:

This product used humidity controller, high reliability and excellent long-term stability, etc;

Can be widely used in the humidifying machine, dehumidifier, air humidity;

Adjust the humidity control of machines and other equipment;

Also can be used in the measurement of relative humidity and display.

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    Our company specializes in R&D, production and sales of microcomputer temperature controllers and humidity controllers. The chip used in the temperature controller has stable performance, complete functions, multiple protections, advanced and reasonable structural design and process processing, and the technical level is internationally advanced and domestically leading . This product has a wide range of applications in the field and industry of freezing and refrigeration and refrigeration maintenance. Our company can also design and customize products according to customer requirements.

    Features and functions

    Temperature measurement and control;
    Temperature calibration;
    Start-up delay protection;
    Input password to adjust parameter.


    Product size:75*34.5*85mm
    Front panel size:75*34.5mm
    Installation size:71*29mm

    Technical parameters

    Power supply voltage:220VAC±10%,50/60Hz
    Power supply:<3W
    Temperature measuring range:-40℃~120℃
    Temperature controlling range:-40℃~120℃
    Resolution:0.1℃ at(-40℃~99.9℃);1℃ in other range
    Accuracy:±1℃ at(-40℃~70℃); Relay contact capacity:10A/220VAC,the max load it can drive is 0.5HP/220VAC
    Sensor type:NTC sensor(10KΩ/25℃,B value 3435K)
    Ambient temperature:0℃~60℃
    Storage temperature:-30℃~75℃
    Relative humidity:20%-85%(No condensate)

    JSD-100 (1) JSD-100 (2) JSD-100 (3) JSD-100 (4) JSD-100 (5) JSD-100 (6) JSD-100 (7) JSD-100 (8) JSD-100 (10) JSD-100 (9) JSD-100 (11) JSD-100 (12)

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