Displayable thermostat Easy-to-operate thermostat Refrigeration and heating conversion thermostat STC-8000H

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This product is an industrial refrigeration thermostat, which is mainly used to control temperature in freezing and cold storage applications, refrigerators, freezers, and cold storage. This product has fine workmanship, complete functions, and is simple and easy to operate. It is exported to dozens of countries and regions overseas, and is well received by customers.

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    Features and functions:

    STC-8000H is a universal single-sensor temperature controller,with refrigeration,exceeding temperature limit alarm functions;

    Compressor delay time adjustable,after electrified exceeding temp.limit alarm delay adjustable;

    Suitable for refrigerant industries such as refrigerator,refrigerator car,etc.



    Product size:75*34.5*85mm

    Front panel size:75*34.5mm

    Installation size:71*29mm

    Sensor:2 meters(probe included)


    Technical parameters:

    Power supply:220VAC±10%/-15%,50/60Hz

    Temperature measuring range: – 50℃~99℃

    Resolution: 1℃

    Refrigeration output contact capacity:10A/277VAC

    Sensor error delay time:1min

    Safe level:IP65

    Operation humidity:20%~85%no condensate

    Power consumption:≤3W

    Temperature controlling range:-40℃~50℃

    Accuracy:-50℃~70℃,±1℃±2℃ at others,can drive single phase compressor ≤1/2HP


    Operation temperature:0℃~60℃

    Storage temperature:-30℃~75℃

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