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Xuzhou Sanhe Automatic Control Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Factory Country/Region: TongShan Economic Development zone

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1,000-3,000 square meters

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US$10 Million - US$50 Million

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Xuzhou Sanhe Automatic Control Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in April 2005, specializing in R&D, production and sales of microcomputer temperature controllers, humidity controllers, integrated motor protectors, refrigeration control boxes, parallel unit control boxes, cold storage PLC control cabinets, etc. Eight series of more than 200 kinds of products enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad. The company currently has more than 80 employees, among which more than 75% of the employees have a college degree or above; the company’s existing plant covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters, 10 standardized production lines, and an annual production and assembly capacity of more than 350,000 sets (sets). ), has specialized production and testing equipment, and has matching standard inspection and testing standards. The company is a GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification unit. Many products have passed CE certification, except for sales. It has sales and service outlets in most cities and regions across the country, and is a number of well-known domestic enterprises Provide supporting services.

Company Profiles

Xuzhou Sanhe has the only "cold storage PLC engineering technology research center" in China. The researchers in the technology center have a solid theoretical foundation and years of practical experience engaged in refrigeration control and PLC technology. At the same time, the research center maintains long-term technology with many domestic colleges and universities. Cooperation, the abundant professional and technical personnel and test and inspection equipment in universities provide strong support for the work of the Engineering Technology Center.As a leader in the automatic control equipment industry, Xuzhou Sanhe Automatic Control Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to building a leader in the automatic control equipment industry by virtue of the service-oriented development concept, the enterprising spirit of hard work, and the professional technology of excellence.
The company ranks among the top eight in the domestic refrigeration industry, with a market share of about 8%. Market coverage: domestic coverage of 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and municipalities, more than 300 dealer customers, and more than 100 supporting enterprise customers; export ratio: accounted for About 35% of total sales are sold to countries and regions: Countries include European countries, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions. Raw material supply: There are more than 80 suppliers, more than 60% are international famous brands, and the rest are domestic well-known Brand

7 Standardized Production Lines

The company's products are microcomputer electronic technology application products. The chips used are stable in performance, complete in functions, with multiple protections, advanced and reasonable structural design and process processing, and the technical level is internationally advanced and domestically advanced. The company attaches great importance to product development and continuously adopts new materials, new technologies and new processes, so that the upgrading of products has always been at the forefront of the domestic refrigeration industry. Over the years, the production scale has continued to expand and the market share has been steadily rising. The product has a wide range of applications in the field of refrigeration and refrigeration maintenance and industry. The company can design and customize products according to customer requirements.

Ranked among the top eight in the domestic refrigeration industry

Xuzhou Sanhe is committed to becoming an expert in the field of energy efficiency management and automatic control, helping industry optimization by providing interconnected technologies and solutions. Since its establishment, the company has delivered more than 6 million units/sets of products to the domestic and foreign markets. These products are serving many industries: refrigeration, chemical, boiler manufacturing, water conservancy (water supply), machinery manufacturing, and fire fighting (building control) In recent years, our company has provided systematic solutions for many projects. The larger ones include the concrete cooling project of Baihetan Hydropower Station; the cold storage project of the Macau Cross-border Industrial Park, the edible fungus industrial park project of Zhenfeng County, Guizhou Province, Lengyang County, Luoyang Large-scale agricultural bacteria breeding library project, Hangzhou Ruihui Bio-pharmaceutical production base cold storage project, no matter where Sanhe products are located, they have performed well and won widespread praise from customers.

Market size of our company has reached 29.85 million yuan

In 2020, the company established Jiangsu Sanhe Control Technology Research Institute. The research institute is based on the implementation of an innovation-driven development strategy. At the same time, it cooperates with universities and colleges and realizes the transformation of scientific research projects. In the future, the research institute will become a high-level new type of high-end talents in the industry. R&D institutions promote the integration and development of talents, technologies, projects, products and other innovative elements across regions and industries. "Friendly and sincere, sharing prosperity" is our business philosophy and our unswerving pursuit. "Pursue excellence, surpass ourselves" is the magic weapon for our marketing and service success. Looking forward to the future, Sanhe will continue to take "new materials, new technologies, and new processes" as its mission, "pursuing excellence, surpassing oneself" in the process of precipitation, achieving breakthroughs in innovation, and joining hands with colleagues to build a brilliant future.